kuf - KERNEL ULTRAS file format - First line #kuf1 number one is number of version. - Next lines assigned to variables values, etc. autor=Linus - In kuf1 know: 1.) Document title title. (needs) 2.) Group for file group=user. (Default: user) 3.) Permisions on read/write. perm=wrr. (owner, group, other) (Default: wrr) 4.) Author of document author. (Default: logged user), Only admins can change this variable. 5.) Time create of document time in unix time. (Default: current time) 6.) Summary of document perex. (Default: none) 7.) Labels, as Linux, Programing etc. labels. (Default: none) 8.) Publish? publish=off or publish=on.(Default on) 9.) Turn off, turn on comments on the document comments=off or comments=on. (Default: on) - Important! Must be write title, other variables they are not given system itself will add. - Case sensitive - Between name variable and equal sign can not be a space, e.g. title=Header - Variables ended on line with char # - Content document you write in like BB syntax, tags enclosed between [ and ] e.g. [h3] Example: #kuf1 title=Example kuf file # In kuf file dont write [h1]Title[/h1] Tile you must write in the header eg. title=Title Header is between #kuf1 and # END EXAMPLE