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Commands instead links

Common link for view page 1 Aaron command for view page is 'cat' For this example: 1 Commands can be concatenate, e.g. for view first three lines from page 1: 1 | head -n3 Commands maybe write on browser or commandline. For this example (in commandline): cat 1 | head -n3

List all commands with short description

For view all commands write: help

Help for command

man command


Public directories is stored in /var/www Goto to public directories with command: cd /var/www Own directory stored in /home/user_name cd /home/user_name

Works with files

On print content of any file type serve command 'cat', do not problen view also file content in format JPG, possibility print only header with: cat image.jpg | head 1 For download file use: download image.jpg


To view the image serve command 'feh', e.g. view image 'image.jpg' will use command: feh image.jpg To display the videos 'video.ogv' use command: vlc video.ogv On hearing the music 'free_software_song.wav': vlc free_software_song.wav

Permissions and groups

Work in progress.

Move on page

Move on page up, down with keys PageUP, PageDOWN.

View history of commands

For view history of commands press keys arrow up and arrow down.

Own settings

Work in progress. man bashrc