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What is Aaron

It is a web operating system written from scratch. It contains the core, shell, standard input and output like a classic operating system. Instead of links it processes commands, what gives it big possibilities, when it can process several commands at once. For example to ban some harmful robots I use this command: logs 1 | grep search_pattern | bar -s 7 | ufw deny Commands are separated by pipe |, what causes, that output of one command will be sent to another. Command 'logs 1' will pull out logs from one day, 'grep search_pattern' will filter only the lines which contains the wanted string, 'bar -s7' will pull out the seventh column in which are IP addresses and 'ufw deny' will move IP addresses to the banlist. You will get more help by the command 'man', for example 'man grep'. This is the main feature of Aaron, everything is documented, rectilinear and easy. In contrast with similar projects it doesn't suck and it works even without JavaScript. I use JavaScript only when it really facilitates the work, such as automatic complete of commands, history of commands and so on. JavaScript is used also for cryptography on user's side, what is now the only one solution for how to implement to upload large files.

How it started

The idea arose on one day, when I was talking to Amigapower, that we should create our own web and it would look like a terminal. I created the base in one or two days. The version 0.0.1 came out on the famous Czech linux portal and also a message. I created it on the foundation of Linux, such as text configuration files, functional programming and a documentation of the whole project. A huge part of the code are the comments, so even a non-programmer can edit the code. The English version written by: Monika Chorvathova License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or the later https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html.