bedna 05.12.2016 08:08:34 From comments: 1.) change please background-color input where write commands from black to transparent STATE: Done 2.) Focus on commandline if click on page STATE: Done (canceled) 3.) nl2br for comments STATE: Done 4.) detect double send comments STATE: Done 5.) startx STATE: Done (replaced by themes and bashrc) 6.) grep STATE: Done 7.) uname STATE: Will be 8.) cat /dev/urandom | cat /dev/random -] random content. cat /dev/dsp -] same drunked 'anything' (tag audio in html5?) STATE: Done even finish /dev/dsp 9.) implement filesystem ( /, /dev, /home, /src, /docs, /etc)? and 'date' STATE: Done 10.) Implement Kralyk's fortunes, cat /dev/ka STATUS: Done My TODO: 1.) Improvement work with logs for roots STATE: Done 2.) Work with files, for roots STATE: Done (su) 3.) Edit files, for roots STATE: Done (su) 4.) Multilanguage GUI STATE: Will be 5.) Move documents STATE: Done 6.) Remove documents STATE: Done 7.) Chaining commands STATE: Done 8.) Unpublished documents save to home directory STATE: Done (canceled) 9.) Configurability user GUI (.bashrc, xorg.conf, locale) STATE: Done 10.) Upload private files STATE: Done 11.) View home directory STATE: Done 12.) Create files in home directory STATE: Done 13.) Remove files in home directory STATE: Done 14.) JavaScript (autocomplete) STATE: Done 15.) Ajax (Chat etc.) STATE: will be 16.) Listing error codes and warining rootos on errors STATE: Will be 17.) For roots remove users STATE: Done 18.) For roots option ban user for login STATE: Done 19.) For roots ban IP STATE: Done 20.) Change command ls more as linux's :) STATE: Done 21.) Change command cat more as linux's :) STATE: Done 22.) Change structure home directory STATE: Done 23.) Command cd STATE: Done 24.) Command pwd STATE: Done 25.) Chat bot STATE: Done 26.) mkdir STATE: Done 27.) Edit add, edit, cat, ls and news for works with paths STATE: Done 28.) Better permissions for files and directories STATE: Done 29.) Changes in files save to diffs STATE: Will be 30.) Edit command news STATE: Done 31.) Add chmod STATE: Done 32.) Add groupadd STATE: Done 33.) Add groupdel STATE: Done 34.) Add groupmod STATE: Done 35.) Add useradd STATE: Done 36.) Add usermod STATE: Done 37.) Add aptitude STATE: Done Networking - Hidden network under internet (Darknet) 1.) DNS server STATE: Work in progress 2.) DNS client STATE: Work in progress 3.) Create own network(s) STATE: Work in progress č.) Sending encrypted data between servers STATE: Work in progress 5.) Receiving encrypted data between servers STATE: Work in progress 6.) Trust system STATE: Work in progress Native applications 1.) Native applications for desktop on communication with server STATE: Done 2.) Synchronization between server, desktop and others devices STATE: Alpha stage Add comment: com /var/www/en/series/roadmap_for_aaron/1